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Angelo Restaurant

Location: Malia
Address: Beach Rd Malia to Stalida
Telephone: +302897032472
Fax: +302897032472
Description: Investing personal gust and taste they created a hot space for winter and summertime. In the cool, plenty of green, courtyards with background a beautiful stone entry walk the most famous and well cooked recipes of the international and Cretan cuisine. The most famous recipes from all over the world, give particular flavour in the plummy filets, the fresh fishes, the tasty appetizers and the splendid pizza that is presented in its rich menu. It’s open from the morning up to the evening in order to offer you a “royal breakfast, meal or dinner”. Eminent spices from local meat, as well as special dishes of “Angelo” will satisfy the most exigent gust. A rich variety of wines, bottled and in bulk as well as the corresponding variety in beers will give the perfect finish in the dish you will select. So the experienced personal as the guaranteed cooker of “Angelo” ensures that each day and night of you will be special. At the evening hours you can enjoy your drink hearing good music, because “Angelo” gets transformed into one astonishing bar. Bar “Angelo” waits for you every evening ready to offer you modern and classic acoustics enjoyments. The marvellous environment and the splendid musical choices make Bar “Angelo” the suitable environment for you to begin your evenings and to end your nights.

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