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Help Bar

Location: Malia
Address: Beach Road
Description: The world famous Help Bar. Why are we world famous you ask? We invented the fishbowl cocktail back in 1995. The Fishbowl cocktail is now served all over the world - and it all started right here. The Help Bar has been in Malia for 15 years now, and has been visited by millions of people in that time, many of them trying the fishbowl cocktail. You will hear talk of the fishbowl cocktail every night all over Malia. "I am starting at the Help bar, with a fishbowl ! " In the daytime we are a relaxed bar serving drinks and food to the holiday makers of Malia. We are centrally located - exactly in the middle of Malia. When the sun goes down, the fishbowl madness starts. Though we are famous for fishbowls we serve all kinds of drinks in including WKD, and many draft beers. We have many sizes of fishbowls - all of our bowls are large. They start large and just get bigger and bigger. Once the drinks have been served either fishbowl or other drinks we have 3 main areas, you can sit in the bar listening to the sounds of Dj Beanie, around the swimming pool or we have a relaxed seating area at the front of the bar. We play every kind of music, but our focus is commercial garage. We are completely unique in what we do, and what we offer. See the links above for all the pictures and more information about the 'world famous HELP BAR' One more reason why we are called the help bar... Once the fish bowls start flowing... it is the mostly commonly used word in the bar. "HELP me carry this fish bowl back to the table" "HELP me drink this, it is 5 litres of pure alcohol" "HELP me walk, I am having trouble" "HELP me remember what happened last night"

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