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The Brasserie Pizza, Pasta & Grill

Location: Malia
Address: Emm. Tsagkaraki Str
Telephone: +302897029696
Fax: +302897029697
Description: The Brasserie Pizza, Pasta & Grill opened in 2002. A simple concept which has proved to be a phenomenal success over the years, will also prove to be a unique dining experience, you will never forget. An ideal destination for afternoon, evening and late night dining, with a friendly relaxed and family orientated atmosphere, where our experienced, funful, friendly staff will take care of your every need and leave you with wonderful memories of your holiday. We offer large screens and great music to create a warm ambience and lively atmosphere. Greek and International cuisine specialties are created for your enjoyment by our Executive Chef and his team. We are dedicated to provide you with the highest levels of service.

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