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The Bull Restaurant & Steak House

Location: Malia
Address: 65, Zaxariadi Str.
Telephone: +302897029901
Description: THE ORIGINAL STEAK HOUSE The Bull Restaurant is the Steak Master of Malia If you want a steak you must come to the Bull Come and try for yourself and see if you agree that we are the "STEAK MASTERS OF MALIA" We don't only serve steaks! If you are up early enough come and try one of our amazing breakfasts! If breakfast is a bit too early for you, then pop in for a snack, later on in the day If you do'nt want a steak, we also serve Chicken, Spare Ribs, Pizza, Seafood and Pasta Don't miss our "Traditional Carvery Sunday Roast" The Bull Restaurant Online Voucher Simply print off this voucher and bring it with you to receive 10% off you total food bill. The Bull Restaurant Malia Beach Road Crete Greece

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